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An complete entry for the 7DRL Challenge 2019.

Find and combine runes to forge spells and pass the entry exam to an exclusive mage academy.


  • Movement with the numpad, arrow keys, or vi keys ("l", "k", "j", "h", "y", "u", "b", "n").  Bump into monsters to attack them.
  • Numpad-5 or period will wait for a turn.
  • Press "w" then a direction to enter walk mode, which will keep moving you in that direction until you press another key. w-5 will wait in one spot for 100 turns.
  • Press "o" to open a door (or just bump into it).
  • Press "c" to close an opened door (you will need to pick a direction if there is more than one opened door next to you).
  • Press "z" to cast a spell
    • Choose a spell from the menu.
    • If necessary, enter a direction with the movement keys or move to select a target location and press Enter to select it.  Tab will jump to the nearest monster in LOS (last-minute addition).
  • Press "f" to forge a new spell, or modify an existing one.
    • Again, follow the menus.
    • When typing the name, press Enter to confirm.
  • Press Alt+Enter to enter/exit fullscreen.
  • Press Escape to quit, then accept at the prompt.  Escape also closes most menus - if not, a selection is required and there is no going back.
  • Bump into the stairs to go down a level, complete three levels to win!

Install instructions

This requires the .NET Framework 4.7, which most Windows computers should have already.  Once you run the executable the first time, it will unpack all its other dependencies out of itself into the same directory, so you may want to put it in a dedicated folder.


Spellforger 01 - Entry Exam.zip 1 MB

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Is it just me or are the 'B' and 'N' movement keys switched?

It wasn't just you.  Bugfix uploaded.  :-)